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Solar Roof Installation

RoofTek® is a national leader in planning, engineering, and installing utility grade solar roofing systems.

Why Choose RoofTek® for your Solar Roof Installation?

RoofTek® Gives You Peace Of Mind

Traditional solar companies come and go because they are dependent on the solar federal tax credit to stay in business. RoofTek’s core product is roofing, which has no federal tax credit. Our secondary product is solar. The strength of our company can foresee a longer period of business versus the solar companies out there dependent on the solar ITC tax credit to be extended.

One Company: One Voice

When you use RoofTek® for your roof and solar, you’ll get one invoice that includes both the roof and solar cost. One invoice will help you get a larger tax credit on your roof and solar project

How Solar Works

Solar electric systems, also called PV systems, use sunlight to produce electricity. Here’s how:
  1. Sunlight activates the panels, producing electricity.
  2. Electricity passes through an inverter and is converted to usable power.
  3. The inverter sends power to your house. Anything you don’t use is transferred to the power grid.
  4. The meter runs backward and you save up to 100% on your electric bill.

Tax Credit

The current tax credit is 26% through 2020.
Does my roof qualify?

Yes! All costs incurred during a solar panel installation are eligible for the tax credit. Roof-Mounted solar panels need a strong, healthy roof to support them.

If your current roof won’t support solar panel installation, the IRS suggests that the costs to replace your roof are eligible for the tax credit.

However, the language is somewhat vague so please consult with a tax professional regarding your specific situation. RoofTek® will provide documentation stating that roof replacement was necessary to properly install solar panels.

How Solar Works

We Are An Elite Roofer

We are a certified installer with several of the largest manufacturers in the world and the first roofing company in Utah to provide both traditional roofing and solar energy systems together.

Our Warranty

As soon as a solar company installs solar on your roof, you’ve lost your roof warranty on that particular shingle. By using RoofTek’s roofing and solar, we blanket your roof warranty to your original warranty.