Commercial Solar

RoofTek’s management has audited and consulted on the energy demands of dozens of Fortune 1000 Corporations.

We provide energy and solar consulting throughout North America. We are a national leader in planning, engineering and installing utility grade solar and storage.

RoofTek Solar Partners

Our expertise is in auditing your consumption and engineering solutions to maximize your ROI. We do this by through system engineering including storage (if neccessary), through maximizing tax incentives and depreciation.

Energy Auditors

Our energy management team conducts the most comprehensive audits and planning available. We have developed savings plans that span entire corporate campuses. Our plans include full tax, energy savings, and depreciation amortizations. We deliver better ROI’s and better systems and can take your project from concept to completion.

Equipment & Engineering

Armed with a proven track record and World Leaders in Solar manufacturing we deliver commercial solar that will last worry free for more than 25 years.

Our projects range from smaller single commercial locations similar to a residential application to Utility Scale rooftop or ground mounted solar systems.

Commercial Roofing

With a pedigree in Commercial & Industrial construction RoofTek has become one of the largest roofing and solar consultancies in North America.

By pairing solar and roofing we can further maximize the protection our clients recieve on both roof and solar – as well as ensuring you are positioned to maximize on all federal and state tax incentives.

Let’s Talk:

We look forward to building a lasting Win-Win relationship with you!