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Need Roof Replacement, we’re here to deliver excellence.

RoofTek specializes as a roof replacement contractor in Utah. In fact, very few roofing contractors replace more roofs than RoofTek. Contact us for an estimate. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting a quote on your roof:

Accurate Measurements

Ever wondered “How big is my roof?” When it is time for you to replace your roof – you can rely on RoofTek to measure your roof accurately – and if we measure wrong the difference is paid by us. This means when we give you an estimate on your roof – you will never be charged extra after the fact because your roof is larger – or steeper. Each estimate we prepare covers you against these extra charges.

CLEAN DECK or “Full Tear Off” VS. RECOVER or “Overlay

Some roofs with only 1 layer of materials on the roof can be “recovered”. There are several advantages to doing a “Clean Deck Installation” – which includes tearing the existing roofing materials off of your roof and starting with a new “Clean Deck”. These advantages range from energy efficiency to total roof life, and more. In any case our goal is to understand your goal – not present our own agenda. We can accomodate you in either a full tear off or an overlay.

Choosing the right Materials

RoofTek is proud to install Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, Tamko and even IKO shingles. Occasionally there is a client who has a very specific look they are trying to achieve and need a specific color from a specific manufacturer. In most cases the several manufacturers products are very similar. At RoofTek, we believe that IT MATTERS which materials you choose. It matters the quality of the roof components and shingles. The aesthetics matter. We can work with you to understand which of all the materials we would recommend for you and why – and choose materials you love for your new roof!


Psst – here’s a secret: 99.9% of roofing failures occur either in the first 2 years of installation or after year 15. If your roof fails in the first 2 years – it is most likely because the roofer who installed it cut a corner, skipped a step – or did not use proper workmanship. Even roofs that fail after the 15th year can fail because the roof was not installed with adequate ventilation, etc. IMPORTANT: All manufacturer’s can void your roofing material or labor and material warranty if the workmanship is improper. As a factory certified installer – RoofTek offers extended WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY coverage from RoofTek and from our manufacturers – that will cover you no matter what. Finally – RoofTek will not cut corners on your install to save a buck that winds up costing you down the road. RoofTek is committed to quality.


Ventilating your new roof properly has lots of benefits. It will make your home easier and cheaper to heat and cool. It can make upstairs spaces several degrees cooler in summer. Just as importantly – proper ventilation will protect your home and extend the life of your roof.

There is lots to consider when deciding to replace your roof – and we would love the opportunity to meet with you and provide you an estimate. Contact Us today!



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