Image of Flat Commercial Roof

As a flat roof owner, you probably wonder about the best time to replace it. Unlike peaked roofs where you can easily see the shingles coming apart, a flat roof gives little visual indication of wear and tear.

The key is taking regular surveys and inspections of the roof, but this is easier and a lot safer for commercial buildings than residential ones. In any case, you are better off calling a certified roofer in Salt Lake City, UT.

So when is the best time to replace your flat roof?

When It’s Old And Deteriorating

It’s normally advisable to consider replacing your roof after ten years, especially if it’s made up of traditional roofing materials. This is sufficient time for normal wear and tear. In such cases, you can and should take advantage of your roof’s warranty issued during purchase.

However, flat roof deterioration could be slowed down by regular maintenance. Some roofs such as Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) or the built-up membrane can last for 30 years.

    Poor Water Drainage

    Most flat roofs contain waterproof membranes with a vapor barrier between the felt base and the membrane. The edges are sealed using metal flashing to prevent leakages while gutters prevent water from collecting on your roof. Replace your roof if its edges have lost the sealant and water is not draining effectively.

      The Roof’s Top Coating Withers

      It’s time to replace your roof if the top coating is unable to resist strong winds and keeps fluttering during windy days. The fluttering could expose the inner layers of your roof to harsh weather conditions.

      Before It Starts Leaking Heavily

      For both residential and commercial buildings, regular roof inspections allow you to catch leakages early. However, it’s time to replace the roof if leakages become a common occurrence.

      When Maintenance Costs Rise

      Regular and effective maintenance prevents early and expensive roof replacement. But the opposite is also true and you stand to save a lot on repairs by replacing an aging flat roof.

      The Bottom Line

      RoofTek® can inspect and replace your flat roof at a friendly price. We are located in Salt Lake City, UT. Reach out to us by visiting our website or contacting us to learn more about our services.