Our Mission & Values

We live so our clients can sleep worry-free through the storm.

Our MISSION is to protect our clients by installing the highest quality roofs with the best workmanship, to create lasting win-win relationships, to develop the most responsive and proactive, professional team in the industry and to create a fun, balanced life for our families.

Our VALUES are:


We deliver expert quality as a result of our knowledgeable, organized and efficient team. Continued innovation in the products, processes, applications and tools we deploy keeps us at the forefront of our industry. We never cut a corner when we can do the job right the first time. While our expertise is for hire our opinions are not for sale. We are absolutely committed to Safety.

We honor our agreements, and look for and celebrate opportunities to demonstrate transparency and accountability. We strive to create alignment with our clients, partners, vendors and team – and avoid hidden agendas. By operating with integrity we foster lasting relationships of trust and become referable.

ProActive Communication 
We seek out and address issue head-on instead of skirting or avoiding them. Being responsive and communicating is a hallmark of our professionalism and our commitment to transparency.

We strive to deliver value in each interaction. We invest in training, education, and innovation as ways to increase our value, and to improve value in others. We appreciate each opportunity and relationship – and demonstrate this value through gratitude and respect. We create opportunities where all can win. Win – Lose is Lose – Lose.


We seek opportunities to create balance for our clients, partners, vendors, and team. We value hard work and dedication, as well as laughter and leisure. If we aren’t having fun we are doing it wrong. We believe that to lead we must follow – in working and playing hard. We encourage all to seek this balance.



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