The people of Utah have taken us from a small startup to one of the top contenders in Utah for Roofing. With the launch or our solar division, new smiling faces added to our team of experts,  and countless customers raving about our services; we decided it would be a good time to give back in the best way we know how: New Roofs and/or Solar equipment for those who need it.

This initiative consists of an election-based total roof replacement service for people with needs in our service areas. Starting with this page here, you can elect those who you think could use RoofTek’s expert quality service to keep them afloat in tough times. We will order materials, perform the work, and provide warranties to keep their home safe while they focus on what’s most important, getting back to stability. We will work out significant discounts or an all-out free roof depending on their level of need.

We are actively looking for those with circumstances out of their control that simply make them ineligible for the purchase of a roof themselves, yet are in dire need of one!

Our first project has already taken place and it inspired this outreach initiative to come to life as a company-wide effort.

2020 marks the start of RoofTek Cares! We are excited to build this project with your help. Join us to make RoofTek Cares a success!

Fill out the form below to help someone who needs a new Roof and/or Solar Equipment