How To Understand The Importance Of Roof Regulations

How To Understand The Importance Of Roof Regulations

There’s more to replacing the roof on your Salt Lake-area business than tearing off the old materials and replacing them with new ones.

For one, the job must follow building codes and regulations required by the area. Permits must be issued, as well, especially for larger jobs. But the codes protect both the business owner and contract while making sure the job is done correctly.

1. Standard Regulations

While every town and city has its own building code bylaws, almost all of Utah building codes are based on the International Building Code (IBC). The IBC has a set of building standards which have no regional ties and are used around the world.

One of the biggest reasons the IBC exists is to create a standardized list of safe building practices that provide accessibility and prevent fires.

2. Why Building Codes?

Building codes and regulations are essential in a variety of ways:

  • They assure the use of the minimum acceptable standards for construction, design, and maintenance of the places where people live and work.
  • They increase the safety and integrity of all structures which, in turn, reduces injuries, property damage, and even deaths.
  • They help to promote more durable commercial structures while safeguarding them from natural disasters, fire, and electrical problems.
  • They also help to protect the sizable investment that most business owners have in their employees, facilities, operations, and inventory.

3. Building Permits

In most cases, a building permit is required before work begins on a substantial project such as replacing the roof on your commercial building. A job classified as “general maintenance,” may not require a permit (such as repairs that cost less than $1,000).

If significant roof repair work or a full roof replacement is needed, however, you’ll need a permit. Emergency roof repairs may be an exception to the rule, but only when the zoning office isn’t open.

4. How to Get a Permit

You probably won’t have to visit your local zoning office to get a permit in many cases. Instead, your licensed Utah roofing contractor will obtain the permits while scheduling the necessary inspections.

It’s wise to have a roofing contractor obtain the permit. Otherwise, you may be liable for ensuring that the roof repairs or replacement meet building codes.

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