Choose the Best Roofer for Your Commercial Replacement

Choose the Best Roofer for Your Commercial Replacement

The decisions you make about the care and upkeep of your company’s building directly affect your company’s future. Choose the wrong roofer when replacing your facility’s commercial roof and you could be paying for that decision for decades. When selecting the best commercial roofer to handle your commercial roof replacement, consider these four aspects. 

Don’t Rush

Avoid being rushed to act on a failing roof. Enlist area roofers for routine inspections and spot repairs. Use at least three different roofers over at least two years to determine which local commercial roofer best suits your needs. 

The clock and calendar are tools that can work against you, or they can work for you with careful planning. A commercial roof replacement is an enormous capital expense, so use the time to save and budget for the expenditure. 

Then, when you and your chosen commercial roofer know the time is right, proceed with replacement. 

Choose Carefully, Not Cheaply

Selecting the right commercial roofer, say experts at Facilities Net, is not only a matter of picking the smallest bid. You need a roofer whose workmanship is unquestioned. The experts recommend:

  1. Scrutinizing the bid carefully to ensure it matches your roof’s current conditions, construction, and appropriate replacement roofing system
  2. Verifying the contractor has the correct manufacturer’s credentials; this means factory-trained installers will replace your roof in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  3. Seeing proof of workers compensation insurance, liability coverage, and necessary licenses

Three Bids

When examining the three bids (no fewer; more may not return significant differences in bottom lines) from competitive, local, trustworthy commercial roofers, look for these particulars:

  • Information about the bidder’s past projects that closely match your roof (PVC, TPO, or EPDM, for example)
  • Current references, specifying the type of roof installed and date of installation for each
  • Physical address and updated contact information
  • Company history (the number of years it has been in business, locations, number of clients and employees)


All manufacturers of roofing systems warrant or insure their products against factory errors. Many cover installation labor. The roofer you select may also offer an additional warranty on workmanship. Read and understand all warranty conditions and requirements before contracting with the local commercial roofer. 

For reliable, accurate estimates, superior customer service, and a company you can count on, turn to RoofTek® Roofing Solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can provide your company with the best commercial roof replacement. 

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